Exhibitor News

Engepeças Group takes to M&T Expo 2018 its complete line of products

The Engepeças Group takes to M&T Expo 2018 its complete line of Caterpillar, Komatsu and Cummins spare parts, undercarriage, ground engaging tools and tires. In October, the company took over the JBC equipment distribution in Santa Catarina. The company is authorized to use the brand in Paraná, since 2009. With that, the JCB service rendering is now done by means of five stores: Curitiba, Cascavel and Maringá, in Paraná, and Itajaí and Chapecó, in Santa Catarina. Furthermore, despite the crisis, the company is making investments in opening new branches – Goiânia (GO) and Chapecó (SC) – and in the construction of new offices – Itajaí (SC) and Curitiba (PR).

AGF Equipamentos shows the cold planer for asphalt FA20H

AGF Equipamentos marks its presence once again in another issue of M&T Expo. The visitors can check in its booth the cold planer for asphalt FA20H, designed and produced with a high standard of reliability and quality. The equipment has a hydraulic lateral displacement of 650 mm, work width of 400 mm and total weight of 750 kg. It can be used in sites with restricted space. The cut depth is of up to 150 mm, oil flow between 90 and 140 liters per meter and work pressure of 170 to 330 bars.

Arauterm shows the heater of horizontal thermal fluid

Arauterm is in M&T Expo, showing the heater of horizontal thermal fluid. The equipment has state-of-the-art technology to serve those clients who need high temperatures in their processes. With automatic operation, the heater can operate with mineral or synthetic oils. The basic operation temperature is 300°C

Astec do Brazil began the production and commercialization of Vari Vibe High Frequency

Astec do Brazil began the production and commercialization of Vari Vibe High Frequency sieves for dry fine materials classification. The sieves have as their main feature the hydraulic vibrators with individual adjustment of frequency up to 4200 rpm, simplicity in the change of screens and adjustment in the sieve inclination, offering a high efficiency in its operation. The company also display the SBS / SBX conic crusher, manufactured with the technology of equipment, spare and waste parts of Telsmith, and the Shuttle Buggy, a material transference vehicle which acts between the asphalt transport truck and the vibro finisher.

Bobcat shows the new line of the Series-R miniexcavators

One of the innovations of Bobcat is the new line of the Series-R miniexcavators with three models (E27z, E35z and E37) which offers high excavation power, excellent stability and precision in the control of the functions in complement with balanced weighs for an easier transportation, resulting in higher productivity with less consumption.  Another highlight is the Beach Cleaner, a new implement for track-type loaders, which acts in the conservation and maintenance of clean beaches. The equipment quickly removes wastes of a number of sizes, and permits to collect small wastes such as cigarette butts and PET bottle caps.

Cantu introduces the line of radial and diagonal OTR tires of Aeolus

The introductions of Cantu, a tires producing company, involve the line of radial and diagonal  OTR tires of the Aeolus brand, which brings the most modern technology in the  development of off-highway tires to offer the best cost per hour in the market. Besides the 14 branches all over the country, Cantu Pneus announces the opening of new facilities in Campo Grande/MS and Goiânia/GO which offer even better service rendering and logistics.

CASE Construction Equipment has a differentiated participation

A CASE Construction Equipment has a differentiated participation, with innovating projects in the area of service, accessibility and technology. The brand shows new solutions, besides its complete products line, such as track-type tractors, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders, hydraulic excavators, motorgraders and skid steer loaders. One of the novelties is the CX220C S2 Long Reach version, excavator with extended stick with up to 15.6 meter reach, ideal to clean rivers, waterways, dams, among other functions. The machine in the range of 20 tons represents the biggest sales share of CASE excavators, which offers to Brazil ten models with capacities between 8 and 81 tons. 

CDE do Brasil introduces its modular plant

CDE do Brasil introduces its modular plant that is washing integrated, classification for natural and artificial sand, which counts with the water recycling in the same and only chassis. The Combo X70 can process up to 100 tons per hour and recover up to 90% of the water that is used in the washing process, a high efficiency and performance system that puts an end on to traditional fines processes, as it is fully automated. It is ideal for sanders who what to improve their processes efficiency in an environmental friendly way and quarries that want to diversify their products, washing the equipment to make the artificial sand. 

Danfoss shows a number of new products for the mobile market

Danfoss shows a number of new products for the mobile market. The platform of de joysticks JS1, and the introduction of the JS1-H Family for light and heavy applications, matches the professional look, touch and tact with a superior quality, making the joysticks not only operationally and technically impressive, but also safe, reliable and efficient. On the other hand, the Danfoss Displays Platform series DM430E is the expansion of the PLUS+1 products for the machines management. The company is also introducing the EHi steering wheel for off-road vehicles

Doosan introduces the hydraulic excavator DX530LC

Doosan introduces the hydraulic excavator DX530LC that offers an innovating system of consumption control (SPC – Smart Power Control). The system optimizes the equipment fuel consumption by means of the electronic management of the need of flow and power, promoting a smoother and efficient operation to the operator. With a 51 tons of operational weight, the machine is powered by a Scania DC13 engine with 6 cylinders and 344 HP of power, besides structural reinforcements on the chassis, stick, boom and bucket, with a heaped capacity of 2.9m³ to 3.6m³, being 50% more resistant than the previous model

elobau introduces the modular control console MA22

elobau Tecnologia em Sensores introduces the modular control console MA225. Ergonomic, robust and modular, the new console has an innovative design and permits that the client can choose the desired commands, according to the needed functions in his/her equipment. The console comes ready to be used and can be connected to equipment by means of the protocol CAN J1939. Furthermore, it is a sustainable product: 75% of the used plastic is of a biological base and the base to support the arm is organically produced, with apple leather

Embratop Geo Tecnologias introduces equipment of geometric control

Embratop Geo Tecnologias introduces equipment of geometric control and of geographic positioning, including Robot Total Stations for topographic measurements and for earthmoving machines positioning with capacity to operate remotely with a radius of up to 600 meters and with angular and linear accuracies which offer results with accurate precision. Also in the stand the company displays the automation system that converts the traditional earthmoving machines into smart machines, as well as the Mass Date Collection system, or of Continuous Representation of the Reality which is based on the tridimensional data acquisition of surfaces or the structures geometry with the use of Laser Scanner 3D.

FEX attends M&T Expo for the first time

FEX attends M&T Expo for the first time and introduces the mortar box made in Strenx resistant steel, with a 350 liter capacity in the width of 1.5mm. It lasts from 3 to 5 times more than the boxes made of common steel. In its stand there is a number of its parts for the mining industry such as blades, VSI disk, sieve. Demolition blade, Schereder disc; coating for mixer, shell bucket, discharge spout, crusher lateral wedge, power table, among others. These are high resistant parts, contributing to its clients’ high performance. 

Groeneveld introduces the automatic lubrication system

Groeneveld introduces the automatic lubrication system Multiline and Filtakleen, a By-pass filtering system with 1 mícron, ultrafine, ideal for use in a great variety of pieces of equipment. It provides the best possible protection against the system wear, degradation and corrosion of the oil. Working together with the equipment original filter, it removes any particles in the oil that can cause damages to the system. Normally, it filters all the oil in the system several times per hour, so the system receives clean oil, in a continuous and analytical way. https://www.groeneveld-lubrication-solutions.

GTXE Group exhibits its spare parts for axles and transmissions

The GTXE Group exhibits its spare parts for axles and transmissions, ball bearings, tools, lubricants, greases and its portfolio of machines for rental. One highlight is the new SKF tool, with a capacity to increase the equipment life, by means of the automatic lubrication. This is the highlight of GTXE Group.  The system generates more savings and safety for the clients’ operation, as it enables the correct use of the lubricant, in the necessary quantity, on the right time and on the corresponding point. Furthermore, the tool also has the benefits of low maintenance and high productivity. 

Hidrau Torque Group (GHT) congregates several world manufacturers

The Hidrau Torque Group (GHT) congregates several world manufacturers, with a total of more than 300 solutions to reduce the cost and increase the productivity and safety in pieces of equipment of the yellow line. Among the highlights: components of L&H Industrial: undercarriages for large electric excavators, such as shoes and drive wheels. The company also takes some items of ITR brand, from undercarriages, Ground Engaging Tools (GET) and parts for engines.  Another important manufacturer, Bosch, is present by means of the offer of electric materials such as starting engines, alternators and batteries. 

Hyva introduces the HB60 crane

Hyva introduces the HB60 crane (6.6 mt), optimum for application in small vehicles, with agility and safety to move bigbags, and directly mainly to the agriculture, but also meeting the needs of large cities in VUC vehicles. It has the biggest hydraulic reach in the category, with up to 4 hydraulic booms.  Its constructive design permits the total use of the body, reducing the installation space and enabling more space of the useful load. Thanks to the load momentum valve, the equipment blocks operations that exceed its capacity, thus providing more safety to the operator. Another outstanding machine is the HBR120 + Flyjib. 

Indeco Brasil shows its products line

Indeco Brasil shows its products line: hydraulic breakers, hydraulic shears, crushers, multifunction equipment, compacting plates, selecting grapples and positioning arms. The highlight is for the new hydraulic breaker, the model HP 2750 FS, with 1700kg of weight and 3700 joules of energy. The hydraulic breakers of the FS Series (Fuel Save) have high technology and the quality of the Italian manufacture applied to the demolition, subdivided in the big, medium and small classes, and available in 21 versions.  The shears of the ISS Series are ideal to cut metallic structures of all profiles, are extremely powerful and robust, and have an innovating design. The fixed (IFP) and rotating crushers (IRP) support strong pressures, besides the long term use in any conditions of use.

JCB introduces hydraulic excavator and compact machines

JCB introduces during the fair products in the lines of hydraulic excavator and compact machines. The brand also brings concept machines, which reinforce its British DNA of innovation and technology, always in search of the client’s total satisfaction.  

John Deere introduces the excavators 210G LC ME and 350G LC ME

John Deere introduces in the fair the excavators 210G LC ME and 350G LC ME and the motorgraders 620G and 622G. The excavators offer an incomparable excavation power, high speed and high torque, and offer the highest productivity in its category, whereas the new motorgraders perform a more precise finishing in jobsites. Also in motorgraders, John Deere exhibits the models 670G and 672G, that can be used in the construction market and in the sugar cane plantation. Furthermore, the company shows, for the first time in the event, three models of its track-type tractors, the 700J-II, 750J-II and the 850J-II, which had their production nationalized this year, after an investment of R$ 80 million to enlarge the Indaiatuba (SP) plant. 

Kaeser shows three products

Kaeser shows three products: compressor M235, the Diagnostic Tools and the control panel Sigma Control Smart. The compressor M235 is an introduction of Kaeser and has pressures of 8.6 bar to 14 bar (flow: 23.3 to 18.1 m³/min), Cummins engine, innovative design, options for the air treatment and the Sigma Control Smart command panel incorporated to the equipment. The panel is of easy navigation, multiple functions and fully monitored by sensors. The “Diagnostic Tools” software is an advanced tool to diagnose possible failures in the engine or in the compressor. This tool permits gain in time in the equipment maintenance, i.e. lower cost and less time of idle machine.

Kobelco shows its portfolio of excavators

Kobelco shows its portfolio of excavators, which includes nine models in the range of 2.8 t to 85 t. The highlight in the trade fair is the SK210LC-10, which belongs to the Generation 10, which promises a reduction of up to 19% in the fuel consumption as compared to the previous series, maintaining the same productivity. The line offers an easy maintenance and high durability and brings resource from the plant such as the Komexs which uses satellite communication to transmit the operation data, worked hours, localization, fuel consumption and the maintenance status.

Komatsu shows six machines

Komatsu shows six machines that meet several needs in the industry, with highlight for the motorgrader GD535-5, besides the track-type tractor D61EX-23M0 (prepared for sanitary landfill), the wheel-loader WA320-6 (prepared for application in fertilizer), the hydraulic excavator PC200-8M0 together with the following options: Harvester Komatsu head 370E and hydraulic breaker Montabert V1800, besides the hydraulic excavator PC350LC-8 with bucket HPX and the wheel loader WA430-6. The most advanced remote monitoring system in the market, the KOMTRAX, is also available for demonstrations.