Services for M&T Expo’s Exhibitors

Services for Exhibitors at Intermodal

Having your brand, products and services showcased in the main segment’s media is great for any company. 

M&T Expo offers Press Services so as to help creating press releases and disclosing them to media vehicles.

Bring in information, statistics and percentages: this type of content adds credibility! In case the solution is certified, information is even more important! 

Would you like your brand to stand out in the main segment’s media? Please contact the show’s Press Service. The work by the Mecânica de Comunicação team is completely free of charge.


Mecânica de Comunicação Ltda.
Tels.: (11) 3259-6688/1719


Official Logistics Operators




TTI LOG/Embragen

  • Customs Procedures (Import, Re-export, Nationalization of goods heading the show, as well as cargo consolidation and deconsolidation, etc.);
  • Inland transportation;
  • Packaging, Unpackaging;
  • Storage;
  • On-site Handling.

 TTI LOG/Embragen 

Av. Alexandre Mackenzie, 137 - Jaguaré
05322-000 - São Paulo – SP – Brasil
(+55 11) 3716-3700 /




  • Customs procedures (import, re-export, nationalization of the goods);
  • Cargo consolidation;
  • Transporte doméstico;
  • Inland transportation;
  • Packing and unpacking;
  • Storage of full and empties;
  • On-site handling and full advisory services on-site.


Sr. Fernando Nalini
E-mail :
Tel : + 55 11 2361 2141 / 2368 0290


Rodrigo Lalli
Mobile 24/7 :+55 (11) 94007-0706
Office: + 55 (11 ) 2368 0290