Chile plans to expand participation of mining suppliers abroad

Chile plans to expand participation of mining suppliers abroad

Currently, Peru is the main target market for exports, followed by Brazil and Mexico

Export promotion agency ProChile plans to increase the presence of local mining suppliers in international markets. In 2021, a group of 432 mining suppliers exported US$681 million in goods and services, equivalent to 0.8% of Chile’s total sales of US$89.9 billion.

The information released by BNAmericas was provided by the Subsecretariat for International Economic Relations (Subrei), which presented the results of a report prepared jointly with ProChile at an even

Currently, there are 401 companies that supply goods and 83 provide services. Of this total, 87% of its exports remain in the region. Peru is the main target market for exports, receiving 49%, followed by Brazil and Mexico.

Most of the products are alloy steel bars, iron or steel balls for grinding ore, ammonium nitrate, parts for machines designed to separate, crush or pulverize solid mineral material, ethylene polymer tubes, detonators, parts for drilling or boring machines, bars for drilling alloy steel and pumps for liquids.

In the scope of services, the most exported are consultancy and technical support in IT, software design and engineering for extractive copper mining and for metallurgy facilities.

Business with Brazil tends to grow, due to the attractiveness of this market, mainly due to the greater attention given to the introduction of remote operations since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. For example, the local iron ore producer Vale started operating the Brucutu mine, in Minas Gerais, with trucks that are 100% autonomous and remotely controlled.

The biggest business opportunities in Brazil would be in products and services for the areas of maintenance, supply and milling equipment.

By: Santelmo Camilo