First batch of highways in PR will be auctioned on August 25

Batch 1 is 473.1 kilometers long. There will be 343 kilometers of duplications and another 218 of third lanes

Intensely debated over the past five months, the concession project for Batch 1 of Paraná’s road system already has data to launch the notice and auction scheduled. It will be the first bidding process with the new concession policy, which allows for a lower toll rate and ensures the private investments necessary to maintain and upkeep of the highways.

The notice for batch 1 was published in the Federal Gazette (DOU) last week, with an auction forecast to take place on August 25 at B3, São Paulo’s Stock Exchange. The dates indicated by the Ministry of Transport were endorsed on May 11, by the collegiate board of the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT).

The new model consists of an auction at a lower rate, with no need to pay a contribution of up to 18%. Above that percentage, the contribution will be required. The investment for a lower tariff requires, for example, the resource to be used in the concession itself to ensure the execution of works along the highway, with cheaper tolls for users.

“The concession will allow state possibilities to increase competitiveness, ensuring product flow from Paraná and more access to Brazilian markets. This means new jobs, more income for the state and an improvement in people’s living conditions”, said Renan Filho, Minister of Transport. The expectation is of 620 thousand direct, indirect and income-effect jobs with the concession.

R$ 7.9 billion in private investments are foreseen in batch 1. If added, batch 2, whose data will be announced soon, the amount reaches R$ 18.6 billion for the 30-year contract. “This means that Paraná alone will receive an investment almost equal to what the country, with public resources, will do in all Brazilian territory this year”, said the minister. In 2023, the Ministry of Transport has approximately R$ 21 billion available for Brazilian highways and railways.

By: Santelmo Camilo