Platform and handler sales skyrocket in 2023

According to estimates from the Sobratema market study, platform sales will increase by 33%, with 5980 units sold; as for those of telescopic handlers, they will jump by 340%, with 440 units sold.

The care taken with safety standards, added to the good prospects for growth in civil construction this year, has stimulated demand for some types of machinery. Load lifting equipment such as lift platforms and telescopic handlers are good examples of this. According to estimates from the Sobratema Study of the Brazilian Construction Equipment Market, there will be a 33% growth in the sale of platforms this year, with 5980 units sold.

In addition to serving as a parameter for assessing market sentiment, aerial platforms are also a thermometer for analyzing the investment appetite of leasing companies, as these are responsible for purchasing 90% to 95% of platforms, cranes and hoists supplied to the market.

For telescopic handlers, the forecast for this year is the sale of 440 units, an incredible jump of 340% compared to the 100 units sold last year. For cranes, the perspective of the study is that sales remain at the level reached last year, of 237 units, compared to the 157 cranes sold in 2021.

At the other end, these sales are driven by the heating up of construction activity and by an increasingly accentuated concern with safety issues at worksites. According to the Newsletter of the Brazilian Chamber of Construction Industry (CBIC), the construction industry forecasts a growth of 2.5% for 2023, a projection that considers a consistent evolution in the market in the last two years, in addition to assessing the business cycle of the real estate market that is in progress and, according to the report, solid housing demand.

In turn, the National Confederation of Industry, recently disclosed that the index of investment intention of the construction industry rose 5.6 points between the months of April and May. The numbers reveal the resilience of the sector, which reversed a sharp decline and now exudes optimism for the second half of 2023. Now with the drop in interest rates, the feeling of confidence tends to grow among investors and consumers.

By: Santelmo Camilo