CCR prioritizes capital allocation in Brazil

According to BNAméricas, the concessionaire is interested in participating in auctions for road lots in Paraná, in addition to an auction in São Paulo to build and operate the passenger rail link Trem Intercidades.

The infrastructure services concessionaire CCR defined priorities for a series of future concessions. According to information published on the BNAméricas platform, the company’s CFO, Waldo Perez, detailed that the company prioritizes the allocation of capital in Brazil in relation to the next auctions. In this strategy, the sectors of highways and urban mobility are the ones of most interest at the moment.

In terms of highways, CCR is interested in participating in auctions for lots in the state of Paraná, which until now have defined dates for the first two lots. The expectation is that these two auctions will arouse the interest of players already present in Brazil.

Also according to BNAméricas, the Brazilian government structured a package of concessions with six lots of highways in the south of the state, totaling 3,300 kilometers (~2,000 miles). The roads connect the port of Paranaguá, the city of Curitiba, 29 municipalities, west and north of the state, and the Amizade bridge, on the border with Paraguay. This package is one of the largest on offer and involves the construction of new runways, bridges and other works.

The first lot will be offered under a concession contract with a 30-year term, with bidding scheduled for August 25th. There are works for 473 kilometers (293 miles) of highways and investments of BRL 13.1 billion. The contract will be granted to the bidder offering the lowest user tolls.

The second lot, in turn, requires estimated investments of BRL 17.3 billion for 605 kilometers (374 miles) of highways and will be offered on September 29th. CCR is also evaluating, according to BNAméricas, an auction in the state of São Paulo for a PPP contract to build and operate the Trem Intercidades passenger rail link (TIC Eixo Norte), of 101 km (63 miles) and 10.2 billion reais, expected to to take place on November 28.

By: Santelmo Camilo