Anápolis (GO) foresees investments of more than R$570 million in works to improve the city 

Among the projects are the construction of a cable-stayed bridge and a viaduct, with an advertisement for bids scheduled for March 

The city of Anápolis, in the state of Goiás, has an investment plan that already exceeds R$ 530 million in works, with ongoing bids. According to the city’s mayor, Roberto Naves, program Anápolis Invests is part of a package of more than R$ 1 billion in improvements for the city. By the end of February, the expectation is that the number of works in bidding process will reach R$ 700 million. 

Phases more bureaucratic, which include project preparation, budgeting, resource search, terms of reference and bidding process are being carried out. Among the projects in bidding process, relevant works stand out, such as the construction of a cable-stayed bridge, valued at R$ 180 million, which will connect Polocentro and Morumbi neighborhoods; the Recanto do Sol viaduct, estimated at R$ 40 million; in addition to the paving of more than ten neighborhoods and two beltways that connect GO 222/Calixtópolis and Miranápolis/Dom Felipe, estimated at R$ 180 million. 

The first bidding process phase for paving and beltways took place at the end of January, and then the documentation of 20 participating companies was analyzed. However, the construction of Recanto do Sol viaduct and cable-stayed bridge are scheduled for March, according to information from the Municipal Works Department. 

In addition, the construction of Veterinary UPA, Women Hospital, and a Cultural Center and Municipal Market, in addition to a hospitalization center, squares, parks, multi-sports arenas, new covered fairs, among other projects, are in elaboration process. 

By: Santelmo Camilo