Colombia carries out road works in Bogotá

Colombia carries out road works in Bogotá 

The project is divided into several sections, with amounts funded by federal and municipal governments. 

In March, the Urban Development Institute (IDU) of Colombia closed two public bidding processes for carrying out construction works, road improvement and adaptation to the public transport system on street 13, in Bogotá. The project will have an investment of $2.6 million, 70% of which will be funded by federal government and 30% by the district. 

The construction proposal for the junction of Ponte Aranda was presented by CC L1 Consortium, constituted by Constructora ConConcreto S.A. with 75% participation, and ConConcreto Proyectos S.A.S with 25% participation. According to the City of Bogotá, the contract purpose is building of a three-level intersection where Centenário avenue (street 13), Km 50 (Batalhão Caldas avenue), Las Américas avenue, Colón avenue and Comunardos avenue meet.  

A second bid corresponds to sections 2, 3 and 4. The construction will begin at Km 55 and extend to Km 69F, including 68 avenue’s intersection, the Constitución avenue’s viaduct, four stations and two operational returns of the public transport system and their respective elevated accesses.  

Section 3, which runs from km 69F to 100, includes Boyacá avenue’s intersection, the junction with Ciudad de Cali’s avenue intersection, a viaduct on Fontibón avenue, five stations and an operational return of the transport system. Section 4, which starts at Km 100 and extends to the district border, includes an overpass at street 17 and Km 119, four stations, the main station and an operational return to the mass public transport system. 

Lastly, section 5, which has not been bid yet, corresponds to the workshop yard and will go into the bidding process as soon as real estate is feasible. This bidding, however, should be carried out by IDU in this year’s first half. 

By: Santelmo Camilo