Construction is expected to move BRL 2.7 trillion in projects in Brazil by 2030

Of the total, about BRL 312.8 billion should come directly from real estate development 

The three sectors that make up the construction chain (infrastructure, basic infrastructure and civil construction and real estate development) should add investments of around R$ 2.7 trillion by 2030, according to the study Productivity and Opportunities for the Civil Construction Chain, prepared by Deloitte and released by the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers (ABRAINC), on the last day 9, in São Paulo. 

The research predicts that, of this entire amount, about R$ 312.8 billion should come directly from the construction and real estate development works. It also highlights some of the main advances in the real estate development production chain and how it should develop in the coming years. 

These new investments will be built from an interface increasingly aligned to new technologies and sustainable practices, with the first reflexes already appearing. According to ABRAINC, currently 38% of the companies in the construction and incorporation sector invest in partnerships with startups and 83% of them have collaboration with constructechs. 


Another highlight of the study was the observation of the increase in the schooling of civil construction professionals. To maintain productivity gains and stimulate new investments, the sector must adopt more and more methods and parameters when measuring its efficiency gains. 

In the association’s evaluation, the work draws tools and parameters that will measure efficiency and productivity gains in projects in the sector. Real estate development and civil construction involve multiple production processes, but to measure productivity it is necessary to understand the factors that impact the sector in order to seek improvements. 

The study was conducted with a total of 144 companies and entities, using data from the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). By the year 2021, ABRAINC’s survey identified the existence of 23 thousand companies in the construction chain that generate BRL 2.3 trillion in net revenues. The sector generates a revenue of BRL 443 billion in taxes and employs more than 3.7 million people. 

By: Santelmo Camilo