New piscinão (reservoir to contain and divert rainwater) will be built in the East Zone of São Paulo 

The work will have the capacity of 54 Olympic swimming pools and will serve to contain the floods of Mooca stream 

The project’s purpose is fighting the floods that normally affect Vila Prudente’s region, in the East Zone of São Paulo. The works are budgeted at R$ 185.5 million and, once contracted, should be carried out within a period of 35 months, with 23 months for construction and 12 months for assisting the large pool operation. 

According to SPObras, this construction is essential because the Mooca stream has several overflow points in rainy seasons, as it does not have sufficient capacity to drain rainwater. This condition results in flooding on Avenue Prof. Luiz Ignácio de Anhaia Mello and adjoining streets. The works on the reservoir will promote greater stream outflow, in the stretch between Avenida Jacinto Menezes Palhares and the confluence with Tamanduateí river, reducing the floods.  

With an area of 13,800 m² and a depth of 15 meters, the large pool will have a capacity for 134,500 m³ of water, equivalent to 54 Olympic swimming pools. The venture will be built on the corner of Avenue Prof. Anhaia Mello and Avenue Jacinto Menezes Palhares, site of the former Educational and Sports Center Artur Friedenreich, current School Club Vila Alpina, where there is a soccer field. 

After the work completion, all the existing infrastructure, consisting of soccer field, jogging track and leisure, will be rebuilt, allowing the area to be used without even noticing the large pool existence. 

By: Santelmo Camilo