Sergipe gains initial kilometers from the BR-101 duplication

Sergipe gains initial kilometers from the BR-101 duplication

Delivery forecast for the first seven kilometers is still for April, with a contract estimated to be completed in 2024

National Department of Transport Infrastructure (DNIT) started duplicating 25.5 kilometers of the BR-101/SE, with stretches that are part of the Ministry of Transport’s 100-Day Action Plan. So far, routes from kilometer 0 to kilometer 51.8, between the cities of Propriá and Carmópolis, and from kilometer 77.3 to kilometer 93.4, of the route that connects the cities of Nossa Senhora do Socorro and Laranjeiras have already been duplicated. 

The 25.5 kilometer stretch in the segment between kilometer 51.8 and kilometer 77.3 is in progress and the delivery of this route’s first seven kilometers is scheduled for next April, in a contract expected to be concluded by end of 2024, with investments of around R$ 180 million.

And the route between the city of Estância (SE) to the border with Bahia, from kilometer 151.1 to 206.1, will still have a bidding process, with forecast investments of R$ 850 million. In addition to the duplication, this segment includes implementing new contours in the cities of Estância, Umbaúba and Cristinápolis, which means that the highway will no longer pass through the cities, promoting more safety and trafficability.

BR-101/SE connects the Northeast’s states, being the main route that connects Northeast with the capital of Sergipe, the greater Aracaju. The highway is essential for transporting the sugarcane crops produced in the region, and it is path for the circulation of iron ore that comes from Bahia to the port of Sergipe.